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Head to your Dashboard page, then click on the title of the book you want details for. You should see a breakdown of how many clicks your book currently has.

An ASIN is Amazon's unique identification number for their books. If your book is published on Amazon, you have an ASIN. You can find your book's ASIN by going to your book's Amazon page, and scrolling down to the 'Product Details' section.

where to find ASIN

No, we have no control over the price of your book, only you (and maybe your publisher) can change your book's price.

There are a couple different ways to lower the price of your book. If your book is only published on Amazon (and you are enrolled in KDP Select), you probably want to set up a Kindle Countdown Deal, which will temporarily lower the price of your book.

If your book is published on more retailers than just Amazon, you will need to manually lower the price of your book on each of the retailers where your book is published. You can manually lower the price of your book on Amazon, for example, by heading to your KDP Dashboard.

If you want to permanently change the price of your book to free, you can do so by publishing your book on a retailer other than Amazon with the price of free. Then you need to get Amazon to price match your book. You can do that by going to Amazon's contact us page, then click 'Pricing' on the left, and then click 'Price match'. Amazon is not obligated to lower the price of your book, but they almost always will.

Sometimes a book deal will only be available on a certain Amazon website. For example the deal may be available on the website but not the website. Other times authors will encounter problems lowering the price of their book, or will need to raise the price of their book back to it's original price prematurely.

We work with authors to make sure none of the above happens, and books are on sale for you, as advertised, but it doesn't always work out that way. Sorry!

When you submit your credit card details, your credit card information goes directly from your computer to our credit card processor, Stripe, and never passes through our server. Stripe's whole business is storing and processing credit cards, and they're very good at it, so we leave the credit card stuff to them, and concentrate on what we do best, which is advertising ebooks.

After your credit card details have been successfully saved at Stripe, Stripe tells us the last four digits and expiration date of your credit card. That information is useful to show you, so that you know which credit card you have on file with us. Stripe, and the credit card industry as a whole, consider it safe for a website like BookRaid to store the last four digits and the expiration date of your credit card in our database, and so that's what we do.

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