BookRaid Partnership

Are you an author or publisher looking for exposure? Advertising through BookRaid is a win-win for advertisers and consumers: you get exposure and readers get discount books.

We send an email campaign to subscribers when your book goes on sale, giving you exposure and buys through amazon, nook, kobo, and more.

To submit a book, simply fill out our book submission form.


BookRaid tracks clicks to your book from our newsletter or blog. The cost per click depends on your book's sale price:

  • Credit cards are processed by Stripe© and no credit card information is stored by BookRaid.
  • Free book promotions cost $0.15 per click
  • $0.99 promotions cost $0.20 per click
  • $2.99 promotions cost $0.60 per click
  • Minimum charge is $1.00; not enough clicks to make $1.00? It's free!
  • Maximum charge is $60 no matter the category or sale price.
  • Since cost-per-click is so low, maximums are only reached with hundreds of downloads.

We put 100% of our income back into growing our email list with devoted readers. Not even us developers are being paid right now.

Unlike other flat-fee advertising services, we only charge you for the readers we send to your sales pages.

If we don't generate enough clicks for your book to charge you, then your promotion is free! Similarly, our maximum prevents a huge, unexpected charge on your credit card.