Promotion Requirements

A book must meet the following requirements to qualify for a BookRaid promotion:

  • Recently discounted by 50% or more. Or free. Or perma-free.
  • Not promoted by BookRaid in the last eight weeks.
  • Available on Amazon, since that's where the majority of our readers get their books.
  • High quality titles, covers, and descriptions. Book content should have few or no spelling/grammar errors.
  • Your book must be published before your promotion date, meaning we don't promote books while they're still pre-releases.
  • Be a certain length, at least:
    • Fiction: 120 pages
    • Non-Fiction: 80 pages
    • Cookbooks: 50 pages
    • Childrens and Middle Grade: 20 pages

We reserve the right to deny promotions by the same author when submitted in close succession.

We have no minimum requirement for total number of reviews or average review rating, but we do take these numbers into consideration.